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A Zombie Apocalypse RPG: Crossroads

The Walking Dead began to roam our streets during that hot summer. A plague, an underground movement, a stirring of bad air, no one knows for certain where they came from. We were caught at unawares - and how quickly they brought us to our knees. The illness broke out on three continents simultaneously, spread rapidly to the rest of the world, and even military strikes were overwhelmed by the tireless, single-minded effort to swell the force of the Walking Dead.

They tore apart civilization as we know it, and in its death-throes, strange events are occurring, if anything in the age of the Walking Dead can be regarded as strange any longer. They - strangers from other lands and times - are coming, more with every day, blending in among the terrified survivors. They are welcome as long as they are willing to lend a hand to our cause. Few enough strongholds still remain, and God knows we need the assistance.

- Mackenzie Ilyich, interim mayor of Crossroads

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