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Children of the Night

Chewing on raw (human) flesh

Community for Fans of everything H O R R O R
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Velcome to Horror Fiends! This group/community was created for fans of horror TV shows, movies, and books to gather and: Talk,give book and movie reviews,exchange horror related avatars and graphics,post quiz results (horror related of course) and meet others with common interests.
People of any age,race,religion and gender are welcome to join. I only have a few simple rules.


1) No bashing others for their their opinions on movies. Intelligent argument and sharing your opinion is fine, but NO BASHING. Obviously everyone has their own taste but insluting others isn't necessary.

2) PLEASE try to keep from constantly posting about movies like Scream, I Know What you Did Last Summer, etc etc.

3) If you are going to post surveys and quizzes, they must somehow be relevant/horror related. More than two quizzes must be put behind the LJ Cut (see livejournal FAQ)

4) No unnecessary T&A photographs, please.

5) Promoting communities is more than fine, actually encouraged, just make sure they have some relavence to horror.

Thank you! Have fun posting.

Community Moderated and Maintained by: beautifuldied (Lady Tina)

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